Thursday, January 25, 2007

TFL & Good Service

Whilst I'm on the subject of TFL there's been something bugging me for ages. When you arrive at a London Underground station, you'll see a sign that looks something like this:

(Thanks to "Envoy" for the picture that I found here on Flickr.)

What gets my goat is that it's written entirely from TFL's perspective and has nothing whatsoever to do with the customer's experience. Quite often when I get on the train to experience my Good Service I see something like this...

(thanks to "Synthclarion" for the picture that I found here of Flickr.)

Now, in my opinion, that is not a good service. Just because the train is running on time and there aren't any signal failures for a change...


Martyn said...

i've been meaning to post exactly this comment on the London papers' various sites.

It drives me crazy that, for example, i arrived at Liverpool Street last Tuesday to see a sign which declares there is a good service on all LU lines. Only to be held in the ticket hall for 10 minutes and then at the top of the escalators and then have to queue to reach the front of the platform having watched 5 trains go past.

I then squeeze into someone's personal space for 20 minutes.

TfL need to differentiate between good running and good service. This is not a good service.

James said...

Thanks for your comment. Please do go ahead and post on the London papers' sites. Anything we can do to stop this travesty is a good thing!

Syn (thclarion) said...

Just noticed your comment on Flickr from a while back - the photo's licensed under an Attribution-NonCommerical CC license, so what you've done here sticks perfectly to its terms. Always glad to see people finding my work useful :)