Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Dimension Of Personal Balance

Contemplating Twitter the other day, as one must, and listening to people whinging on about "what's the point of it?", I got to thinking that there is no point until you give it a point. Find yourself an agenda and then speak to it. But that, of course, doesn't just apply to Twitter. It applies to all conversations wherever they're happening.

I'm also not quite achieving an optimal work / life balance of late, primarily due to increased online pervasiveness. For example, I use Google Reader primarily for work purposes and access on my iPhone has meant that work RSS feeds are now infiltrating areas previously reserved for offline "life" time. This annoys my wife tremendously. And that is not conducive to a fulfilling life!

So I drew this to represent the new balance that I need to manage.
Now this all gets highly personal and subjective. I know you can argue the validity of the online and offline distinction. And also, for some, work is life, life is work and everywhere in between.

Here's roughly where my life sits on this chart - I can clearly see where my use of Facebook, Twitter and various blogs sits within this.
I'm not convinced this is right, useful or relevant. But it seemed interesting.

Monday, March 16, 2009


"No" can be upgraded

"Maybe" can be clarified.

"Yes" means yes.