Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where Next For Car Advertisers?

It seems the advertising industry is up in arms about proposals to mandate the inclusion of 20% of an ad's space to messages about CO2.

Two comments from me...
1. Get over it adland. Find ways to advertise without buying adverts. I'd be surprised if the evil European Parliament can find ways to enforce the proposals on "word of mouth".

2. Help to change the debate away from purely being about a CO2 story. The myopic current worldview focussing purely on CO2 emissions needs to end. Instead, whole life impact needs to be considered (from extracting the raw materials to recycling). When studied through this lens, cars such as the oh-so-green Toyota Prius are not as shiny as you may have thought - although naturally there's counter arguments to this (news report looking at both sides, view of the Pacific Institute think-tank).

Thursday, October 04, 2007

High Time They Had A Website

Rob Mosley & Robbie Greatrex are young creative types who ditched their burgeoning careers at Proximity London to start up on their own. One of their latest projects is to come up with a website for their fledgling agency, Nonsense.

Rather than argue for months about the rights and wrongs, dithering and withering in the process, they've come up with a multi-media campaign (personal invites, facebook event, blog post etc.) to let the public decide. Check out the options & cast your vote at www.hightimewehadawebsite.com