Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Environmental Sense In The Media

An Article written by Lionel Shriver (the author of "We Need To Talk About Kevin") in The Telegraph that has a bit of a pop at the mindless world-view the majority of our race has succumbed to.

"Greenies continually badger us with their lofty edict that we must care for "the planet". But "the planet" is happy as Larry at any temperature; we're the ones who can only abide within a narrow band. "The planet" will adapt to and recover from whatever we do. If we foul the air and water we need to survive, the last laugh is on us. Green policies are all about self-interest - albeit enlightened self-interest. "The planet" doesn't need us; we need it. The improbable aspect of the programme's premise is that our species clears off overnight."