Saturday, April 29, 2006

How much do you care about traffic?

Get this from Gaping Void and you get it. Concentrating on making your product better is much more worthwhile than worrying about why your traffic stats aren't moving. - link

Blogs get the audience they deserve

GapingVoid post about blog readers. I think the point Hugh makes is the same for any medium - link

Why agencies should fire clients.

Seth Godin post about whether the customer is always right...or whether you've simply got the wrong customer - link

Nintendo gets weird

Seth Godin on the dangers of giving products crap names - link

The Death of Advertising

A fascinating post from Grow Blog. - link


We are all horribly guilty of presentation Powerpoint sin. Read this from Presentation Zen and cleanse your ways! - link

Trendwatching - Infolust

The latest trend from Trendwatching - link