Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mattel, You Are Being Stupid.

Mattel is grumbling that the Scrabulous application on Facebook infringes its copyright on the game Scrabble. It probably does.

However, Scrabulous has meant that thousands more people are playing the game across the globe than would be otherwise.

Why doesn't Mattel sponsor the site? Make Scrabulous legit? Wow, they could even find a new way of making money from their board game. I'm assuming that board games are not exactly all the rage these days, so a new revenue stream would be good, surely? Mattel could even put a link on the page for Scrabulous users to buy a copy of the board game direct.

Why don't they make some of their other board games available on Facebook?

Mattel's luddite, "this is how we've always made money so it's how we'll always make money", "let's not change the game", "let's not react to new opportunities", thinking makes me mad!

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I have never seen such narrow minded thinking regarding Mattel's attitude towards Scrabulous. It's ridiculous.
Instead of turning it into an excellent business opportunity with a huge market to tap into, Mattel just pissed a ton of people off (me included). I will NOT be purchasing their products for myself and my family due to their ignorant short sightedness.