Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Frozen Food & World View

This press ad is part of a new campaign from frozen food manufacturer Birds Eye. The people behind the campaign have no doubt laboured hard to find a truth about why frozen food is better for you than 'fresh' - which is all based on the fact that the frozen food remains technically fresher. I'm not convinced that anyone is really going to buy this idea as, in my opinion, it is against most of the public's worldview. The fresh carrots I bought in the grocer's on Saturday hadn't been out of the ground that long, were not rotten and I'm pretty sure will taste nicer than their frozen counterparts.

Advertisers not only need to find the truth, but to then make it believable. This will often start from the worldview, rather that directly contradicting it. With all the news about healthy eating at the moment, it will take more than an ad campaign to shift people's opinions favourably to frozen food.

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